CM Gabrielle Signed!

CM Gabrielle Signed!

Here at Chilly Mountain, we aspire to give people a stepping stone to enter the world of esports. Our goal is not only to grow as an organization, but to also see the people we work with excel in their fields, and climb up the ladder in our esports ecosystem.

That being said, we are proud to announce that Gabrielle will officially be signing with Chilly Mountain as the Team Manager of our North American League of Legends team! We sat down with Gabrielle for an interview on her thoughts about signing with the organization.

In bold font are the questions from the interviewer, while the text in standard font are Gabrielle’s answers.

What brought you to your decision to sign with Chilly Mountain?

I solemnly believe in the goal of the League of Legends program here in Chilly Mountain, which is to bring up the young, native talent we have here in North America into the LCS.

How has your experience with the organization been so far?

I’ve enjoyed working with the staff very much. Everyone here is very welcoming, and fun to work with, along with all of the players. We have built a great community so far, and I would love to see it grow further. I won’t forget the experience I’ve had working at Chilly Mountain as this is my first management job, so they’ve done  a lot for me, as well as them being welcoming, and fun to work with.

I’m happy to hear that you’ve had a really good experience so far, and it’s good that you actually brought up that you were manager of the players. You signed as the team manager of the NA League of Legends team. How would you describe your relationship with the players?

I’ve really enjoyed having the manager-player relationship, where I can help them show up to play, and focus on the game without dealing with the hassle of finding, and scheduling scrimmages. I believe all the players are very nice to hang around with before scrims, as well as helping them get their schedule sorted. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to manage, I believe, since they’re very helpful and cooperative, so they make my job a lot easier, and more fun. I’ve also loved seeing them grow throughout the season, and I’m extremely excited to see where their future takes them. Hopefully to the LCS.

It’s good that the players have a very caring team manager behind them. What are your future plans as the team manager of the NA League team of Chilly Mountain?

Well, my dream job is to be the team manager of an LCS team, so working for Chilly Mountain is a great start for me towards that path. I’m really excited to hopefully become an LCS team manager in the future, along with seeing our players there in the LCS.

JosephReshin Lapid

John Lapid is a writer for Chilly Mountain.

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