Chilly Mountain EU League of Legends Roster

Chilly Mountain EU League of Legends Roster

Heading into the summer split of the 2nd Division of the Prime League, the Chilly Mountain Bears have “made a few changes to the roster. These roster changes aim to help the Bears promote themselves to Division 1 in the Prime League.

New faces to the roster

After a disappointing 0-3 loss in the FNATIC Community League finals, some changes needed to be made. Some members got benched, while new faces found starting positions. Notably, Teo and Skream have been placed as substitutes, while Clover is no longer part of the team.

As for the new faces, Nano will be replacing Clover as Chilly Mountain’s new midlaner. Alongside him are new AD Carry Mauki, and new jungle player Deletus. With these new changes, Chilly Mountain hopes to deliver quality performances during the Summer Split, and move up in the Prime League divisions. 

How is the roster doing so far?

We sat down with current top laner Difference for his insights on the roster changes, as well as his expectations for the coming summer split.

About the effects of the roster changes so far, one significant effect is in the champion pools of the solo laners. Nano, the current mid laner, is a former top laner, who role-swapped to mid, meaning his champion pool is very similar to Difference’s. This gives the team a huge advantage during draft, as champions can be flexed between the lanes, and even in the jungle.

Aside from that, Difference mentioned how his synergy with Deletus is just as good as he was with Teo, despite the differences in playstyle. Not only that, but Mauki displays the same level of mechanical skill, and quality of performance that Skream did.

Another is how the roster changes merited an additional perma-ban from the enemy team. While current support player, Biotic, is known for his Zilean, Deletus is known in the same way for his Rengar. As such, most enemy teams perma-ban both Zilean, and Rengar against them. This helps free up more possible champion picks for the Bears during draft.

When asked about how the new players match-up against the players they’re replacing, Difference had quite a lot to say with regards to Nano and Deletus.

“I would say our current mid-laner might have a better champion pool than our previous mid-laner. Which is not to shame our previous mid-laner. But I think our current mid-laner is putting a lot of time in his day to learn match-ups, and watch pro VODs from Koreans to improve. So I would say our mid-laner is constantly improving. He’s already at a good level, and he’s putting up with mid-laners of higher divisions, who might have been mid-laners their entire career.”

“Our jungler completely changed, because they play two very different playstyles. Teo used to play either a full carry style, where we centered our team around him, and he’s the main carry. Or he plays the supportive style, where he plays Ivern which was a pocket pick of his. Teo had a unique, or a niche play-style, but Deletus is more of a normal jungler. His play-style is probably better in the meta.”

As for the team chemistry as a 5-man unit, Difference said there was not much change compared to before the roster changes. Before, the team had a “critical-thinking chemistry”, where the players were not hesitant to point out flaws and mistakes, and the ones criticized could take it. Thanks to this maintained attitude, the team continues to improve their playstyle, ironing out any flaws they might have.

Expectations from the new roster

With regards to the coming summer split, Difference was very confident heading into the new division. Not only was he confident in himself, but he was confident in his team as well.

“I would say we are one of the favorites in our group in Prime League right now. Not only by us thinking that, but by the audience who have seen the groups as well. We are good enough to be competing in 1st Division. The goal is to get to Pro Division, but that’s a long way from now, and we’ll keep improving until then. Our roster right now probably smashes the 2nd Division in our group.”

His individual expectations were simply to become a better player. He does not care about the tier-lists normally, but he would like to see himself at the top of those lists. On the ladder, Difference aims to achieve Challenger, going as far as wanting to reach Top 100 this season. His teammates share the same sentiment, all of them wanting to climb up the leader, as well as in the Prime League.

Talking to the fans of the Bears, Difference wants them to keep a close eye on the team. Speaking about how the team is in a very good state right now, they will constantly get better, and eventually get famous over time. They want to make the brand of Chilly Mountain bigger, so keeping a close eye on the team, and following their socials is worth doing.

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John Lapid is a writer for Chilly Mountain.

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