Refreshing Our Logo

Refreshing Our Logo

When Chillrogg and Sidkitten founded Chilly Mountain over a year ago they needed a logo to go with the name. It needed to be something uniquely recognizable, something cool… 🥶

And thus, the Mountain was born.

Over the past year the organization has grown a tremendous amount.  It became clear that the logo we used for so long and had grown so fond of was not quite right for a modern lifestyle brand.

After working closely with our founders Chillrogg & Sidkitten, we created, what we think, is something that captures the spirit of our original logo while giving it the update it needed. We decided to simplify the logo down to two colors and use a street art style of drawing.

We’ll be rolling out the logo in more and more places as time goes on. As hard as it is for us to say goodbye to something we’ve seen so much, we hope you’ll grow as fond of the new logo as we are!

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