Chilly Mountain Enters Playoffs for Two $15,000 Tournaments

Chilly Mountain Enters Playoffs for Two $15,000 Tournaments

Ahead of Stage 2 of the playoffs for Masters Clash for Heroes of the Storm, we sat down with the team’s captain, Makke, for an interview. We wanted to know how the team was feeling, qualifying for playoffs in both Masters Clash, and CCL, as well as his thoughts on the team’s performance so far.


In bold font are our questions, while in standard font are Makke’s answers.


Congratulations on qualifying for the playoffs for both the CCL and Masters Clash! How are you and the team feeling?


We’re feeling great. Azy arrived in Stockholm yesterday, so he’s gonna be staying with me, then we’re gonna travel to Masters Clash. We’re just vibing right now. All of us from the Masters Clash roster are in Stockholm right now, and just chilling before Masters Clash. I think we perform better under pressure, so when it’s playoffs time, or the gauntlet, we step up. We look shaky in some of the games in both Masters Clash and CCL, but whenever it counts. I think we all step up and do our part.


It’s good that you actually brought up that the team performs under pressure, because it leads to my next question. In both tournaments, the team hasn’t had the best group stage, but you managed to claw it back in Stage One of the playoffs. What issues occurred during the group stage, and would you say they were fixed in time for playoffs?


Honestly, I think we can start with Masters Clash. Masters Clash, it was so long. It was 3 or 4 months, and it’s almost impossible to prioritize Heroes of the Storm as the first in your life right now. So I think most of the mistakes were just that we weren’t able to play with our full roster for Masters Clash for half of the Masters Clash games, because we just couldn’t make it. We also had a bit of a swap. We swapped BananaH, kinda didn’t see him playing that many matches, because it was every weekend, and CCL just started as well, so it’s like twice every weekend. There’s also a ton of scrims. But I think the most important was just showing up as 5, and actually scrimming a week or 2 prior. That was the key to Masters Clash.


For CCL, we started with a different roster in CCL for the first two weeks. The second week, we did a tryout. We played me in the off-lane, Jia on assassin, Berg as tank and off-lane in the same series. We tried a different set-up in each match, and then we figured out after the first 2 weeks what setup we wanted to play with. After that, we 3-0ed twice or thrice in a row, then Cattle couldn’t make it for the game versus Granit, and Jia was very sick. That kinda screwed us in the group stage, because that week we weren’t able to have our full roster, then we had a very poor performance versus Simplicity. But I think in general, leading up to the gauntlet we were very strong. The only team that actually has us beat is Simplicity, but I think the rest, we’re better than them. We had a lot of scrims with the roster as well before the gauntlet, and I think we had really good practice because of it. We managed to figure out what the meta was, and what our meta was. It’s just a matter of coming together two weeks before, actually getting good practice in, and figuring out what you wanna play. Because most of the time, you’re going to need to adapt to the enemy team, and it helps to have a diverse hero pool on every player. 


You brought up Simplicity a lot in your answer about the CCL. They’re your first opponents, who topped the group stage with a 6-1 record. How’s the team feeling going into this matchup?


I mean we’ll see. Right now, our priority is Masters Clash. Since the gauntlet in CCL, we haven’t really scrimmed a lot. We won’t really have much time for practice too for the Simplicity game since we still have Masters Clash. We are feeling very confident going up against Simplicity. Our last Simplicity game was very poor timing for all of us, because the game was half past 2AM, so the Best of 5 format was kinda bad for us. I think they will underestimate us for the next series, and I think if the meta doesn’t change too much, 3 of us will still be playing a lot of HOTS in Masters Clash, and we’ll get used to the meta. I think we will take the series against them 3-0 or 3-1.


Fair enough. Going to Masters Clash, Stage 2 is double elimination. Does this boost the team’s confidence in winning the tournaments?


For sure, it helps us. I think for both tournaments, we’re gonna need a bit of a warm-up, and some practice for the first games. So, it helps us with the loser’s bracket as well. The more time we get to learn what the other teams play, and the more time we get to play ourselves, the better for us. So losers bracket is for sure advantageous for us.


Well it’s good to hear that the format is going to be advantageous for the team. Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the fans who are eagerly waiting for you and the team to take to the stage, and hopefully win both tournaments?


To all the Chilly Mountain fans, I hope we will bring it for you guys. Obviously, I cannot promise anything in either tournament, but I can promise that we will do our best. Smacking 30k is the goal for both tournaments though, so look forward to that.

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John Lapid is a writer for Chilly Mountain.

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