Aklo and Atheen Sign for Chilly Mountain

Here at Chilly Mountain, we always look to help talent grow into the superstars they’re capable of being. That being said, we are proud to once again announce that a rising star in the Melee scene has signed with the organization. Rising Star Aklo, and his manager, Atheen, have both signed for the organization, to represent the name in the Melee esports scene.

We had the opportunity to speak with Aklo and Atheen after their signing, to ask a few questions. From their decision to sign with the organization, and their expectations for the upcoming Smash World Tour. In bold are the questions, while in plain text are their answers.

First off, congratulations to you both on signing for Chilly Mountain! The organization is very happy to have you both on board, to represent the name in the Melee community. How are the two of you feeling now that you’ve signed for us?

Aklo: I’m really excited. So far, everyone I’ve talked to has been really supportive. They’re really nice, and I think we’ll get along together. I think we’ll do a lot of great things together.

Atheen: We can finally take a deep breath, and start truly focusing on aspects outside of social media/marketing; This way Aklo can do even better in the tournament scene. He has an amazing backing, and everyone has been incredible throughout this entire experience, so we’re super excited. 

Next up, Atheen, as Aklo’s manager, I’d like to ask. What helped in your decision to sign for Chilly Mountain? 

Atheen: There’s a few reasons. Definitely seeing Chillrogg and Sidkitten, the founder and co-founder, be just as excited as I am. Seeing two people be just as motivated to see Aklo succeed, that’s the number one thing for me, because him succeeding is my priority. Both of them being flexible with his needs and wants, that was also very important for me. Of course, the merch is absolutely gorgeous, and I care a lot about the aesthetic of the company and the organization. Those are three good reasons why I wanted to get Aklo signed with CM. Outside of Aklo specific reasons, it is important to us to sign with an org that also cares about the games success, and looking at CM’s history with this, we trust completely that Melee is definitely on their list of priorities.

I’d also like to ask. How would you describe your relationship with Aklo as his manager?

Atheen: Our relationship definitely did not start that way. Before all this, we were actually best friends. He’s one of my closest friends, and I learned about Summit through him and our other close friend Maher. I thought “Why were you not a part of this whole thing?” He asked if I wanted to be his campaign manager, and it snowballed. He got into Summit which is incredible, and he asked me to be his team manager, which was such an honor. When it comes to the important, business things, we are very serious. I don’t let our friendship be the reason I don’t put my foot down to make sure he gets stuff done in a timely manner. At the same time, there is a level of trust that you cannot find with other managers/players and this  is because we have an incredible stable friendship.

Moving away from the signing, let’s talk about the Smash World Tour. Obviously, congratulations on qualifying for the Smash World Tour championship! How does it feel knowing you’ve qualified for the biggest Melee tournament?

Aklo: Thank you. It’s honestly pretty surreal. When I thought about it the week before, I honestly didn’t really think I would qualify. I wasn’t feeling that confident. But when the tournament started, and I saw how I was doing, I thought to myself, “Yeah, I can do this.” Having qualified feels like a reward for how much work I’ve put in, you know? 

Now that you’ve brought up how much work you’ve put in, according to the Twitter account of the SWT, this is actually only the second time you’ve competed outside of your region. Were you expecting to make it this far, this early?

Aklo: Right, that’s true. I’ve only competed outside of New York state two times, those being Summit, and this. Was I expecting to make it this far this early? I think honestly, a little bit. I’ve seen what I can do because of online tournaments, but I think it was a nice thing for me to qualify. I’m not sure a lot of people believed that I could do this, but I knew I could. So this is like proving myself.

Talking about believing in yourself, it actually leads perfectly into my next question. Alongside you who qualified from the East Regional Finals are players who are backed by more famous organizations, such as Team Liquid, Golden Guardians, and Envy. Does this intimidate you in any way?

Aklo: Honestly, yeah a little bit. Everybody I’m competing with for the most part has huge brands, and everybody knows them. On top of that, there’s going to be more people rooting for them as well. These people have been around for years, and years, some of them even over two decades. It is a little bit intimidating sometimes.

Speaking of the fans, my final question would need just a short and sweet answer from the both of you. What would you like to say to the Chilly Mountain fans, and your own fans Aklo, who are eagerly waiting for you to take to the international stage?

Aklo: To the Chilly Mountain fans, I know you probably don’t know too much about me yet, but I promise you’ll get to know more about me. I hope you become a fan of me. And to my own fans, thank you for supporting me this far. It really really helps, and it’s the reason I’m able to get this far.

Atheen: I’d say the same thing. Thank you for supporting Aklo. It means a lot to me personally to see him succeed, and to see him conquer the online world, and now, to actually go out into the real world, and face more things to come. It’s really exciting, so thank you so much for the incredible support. Special shout out to Maher, who is the other half of Aklos online foundation. Aklos extremely talented and supportive brothers, FoxyGrandpa, Killacubs and Vidiot. His parents for supporting him on his journey, and of course the members of Aklounge who keep us motivated.

Go show your support for the latest signings of Chilly Mountain, Aklo and Atheen! Watch them compete in the Smash World Tour 2021 Melee Championship starting December 17, until December 19.

Interviewer: John Lapid

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